How do I get a tattoo?

Anyone can go out and get a tattoo, but to get a good tattoo you must do your homework. Here are a few hints to help guide you.

There is no better advert than a good tattoo. Try to ask people with good tattoo's where they have been for them. If you don't know anybody then tattoo magazines are easy to purchase from most newsagents. Don't forget that the internet contains thousands of images and information to help you choose a certain style of tattoo and lots of useful information.

If you decide to visit any tattoo studios, here are some questions and things to look for.

Does tattooing hurt?

Pain is really relative. Everyone has a different tolerancy to pain. I'm not going to kid you, though - it does hurt. Just not that much. Some have compared it to a "hot scratching feeling". But, people would not be returning again and again for tattoo after tattoo if it hurt that bad! Most of us are not into pain, but the beauty of the tattoo and the pride associated with wearing it far outweighs a little pin-stick here and there. Once you begin the tattoo process, your tattoo artist will put you at easy and within no time you will have having a conversation and will forget about the pain.

How long does a tattoo take to heal?

The amount of healing time required will vary from person to person depending on their health as well as the type and location of the tattoo, usually 7 - 14 days.
Most commonly, you will need to take care of your new tattoo for the first two weeks, applying products that aid the healing process such as Tattoo Aftercare or Bepanthen. Consult your tattoo artist, they will know what's best for you!

What should I look for in a Tattoo Studio?

If you decide to visit any tattoo studios here are some questions and things to look for.

The studio should be registered with the local health authority. If you can't see a certificate present on the wall please ask, as a good tattoo shop will be only to happy to show it to you.

They should have a portfolio available for you to view with samples of their drawing and photos of their work so you can judge for yourself if you are happy with the quality of their work. If you have a good feeling about the shop, the tattoo artist and their work, then enquire about booking times. A long waiting list is always a good sign. If the shop can get you in straight away it is never  a good sign!

What is the legal age to have a tattoo?

There is an urban myth that 16 year olds can get a tattoo with parental consent. This is completely untrue and we do not support this. The age for someone to get a tattoo is 18 and if you know someone who is prepared to tattoo some under the age of 18, you must ask yourself why! A good tattoo artist would not tattoo someone under the age of 18 and you should question the morals and reasons wht somebody would be prepared to tattoo someone younger! If they cannot find enough business tattooing people 18 and over then they should not be tattooing at all!

How much will it cost to get a tattoo?

All Tattoos at Stained Class Tattoo Studio are based on an hourly rate of £100 per hour with a minimum charge of £40.

What are the opening times of the Tattoo Studio?

Stained Class Tattoo Studio is open at the following times:

Monday - Closed
Tuesday - Closed
Wednesday - Saturday 10.30am - 5.30pm
Sunday - Closed